Well done to our amazing dancers who put on a magnificant and emotional performance of Ababhidisi-The Conductors at the Baxter Dance Festival 2014 last night. Check out the great review...




Come and catch us at the Baxter Dance Festival 2014 - 9 and 10 October.  We are performing our new piece - Ababhidisi-The Conductors.  Here is a bit about the piece...

Continuing the theme of social and political commentary started in his piece Ubunye (which was performed at the Baxter Dance Festival 2013 and the Infecting the City Festival 2014), Mzo Gasa's Ababhidisi explores the concept of leadership in African society today.

Similar in meaning to the English phrase 'Judas Goat', Ababhidisi explores how leaders in our society today are leading us down dangerous paths that make us lose connections with our communities, cultures, values and sense of right and wrong.  The lure of money and power has led us to a point where nepotism and greed are the order of the day.  We have lost sight of what is important.

The Judas Goat is left to lure the lion by its bleating and unwittingly lures the means of its death.  Our leaders are using us to gain money and power and in the process we are losing our sense of who we are.

Well done to all who participated in Uhambo at the Joseph Stone and thank you to all our collaborators for a fantastic journey and wonderful job.  The production was a great success - check out the review on our review page!


Come see 'Uhambo' at Joseph Stone Theatre in Athlone! 29 August 19h00 30 August 14h30 and 19h00 Tickets are R50 at the door

Lots of cool things have happened at Sibonelo over the past couple of months.  Infecting the City Festival went amazingly well and we performed 'Ubunye' to standing ovations.

We also received funding from the Nedbank Arts & Culture Trust for our Saturday classes - Siyabonga Nedbank!  Check out our gallery to see pics of the Saturday classes.  We have had some amazing teachers in the past month (apart from Mzo, who is always there and always amazing):

- Mandla Mbothwe

- Douglas Griffith

- Elvis Sibeko

- Nkosinathi Mngomezulu

Thank you to these teachers for their amazing work with our kids!

Our kids were also invited and given free tickets to go and see the Freedom Day performance at Artscape.  This was a great experience for them and we would like to thank Artscape for their generosity.